Working with MPower

Contracting with MPower: The Benefits to You

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    Eliminates Payroll Hassle

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    Eliminates Employer Portion of Payroll Taxes

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    Quality Work

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    Competitive Pricing

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    Fast Turn Around Time

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    No Advertising, Interviewing or Hiring

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    No Loss of Production due to Sickness, Injury or Vacations

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    Empowering Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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    Highly motivated Employees with Low Turnover and Absenteeism

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    No Workers Compensation Cost

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    No Training or Overhead Expenses

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    High Supervisor Ratio to Work Force

Center Based Services Sheltered employment is provided at the agency.  Production floor employment currently includes the assembly of parts, collating, shredding, printing promational products and construction of flags and buttons.  The following businesses contratct with MPower to provide production floor piece rate work.

Community Work Crews: MPower’s mobile workforce provides supplemental janitorial and landscaping services for businesses in the Stillwater area.  On-site work crews consist of 2-8 individuals accompanied by a trained job coach

Systematic Training For Employment Program (STEP) provides a specialized vocational training program for individuals whose significant challenges have prevented them from accessing a traditional vocational program.  STEP provides the assistive technology, individualized training modules, and personal care that is required for successful participation.

Individual Placement Trained job coaches assist participants in obtaining and maintaining individual placements in the community.  Services include: Job development, job placement, and training.


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Sheltered Employment

Community Work Crews

MPower clients earn income by packaging items for local businesses.

MPower provides contract labor in the Stillwater Community.